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Capital Markets 

Performance, innovative strength, reliability – this is what Boerse Stuttgart Group stands for as a provider of infrastructure and trading solutions in the securities business.

Strong in the classic securities trading business

Large product universe

Boerse Stuttgart Group enables trading in all classes of securities - with distinctive expertise for their special features.

Fully regulated

With licences in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, Boerse Stuttgart Group stands for transparency and stability.

Best prices

Retail investors get best prices on the platforms operated by Boerse Stuttgart, combined with extended trading hours and high liquidity.


  • Leading in structured products trading in Europe
  • Leading in bond trading in Germany
  • Listing exchange in Sweden with over 80 listed SMEs
  • Innovative zero-fee offerings in Switzerland and Germany
  • Leading European OTC trading network

Exchanges  in three European countries

In the capital markets business, Boerse Stuttgart Group has strong market position: It operates stock exchanges in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. The Stuttgart Stock exchange is the leading German private investor exchange – thanks to the highest trading quality and a comprehensive product range. In Sweden, the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) creates an excellent environment for listing and trading shares of young growth companies. With its structured securities trading segment, NGM is present in all Scandinavian countries. BX Swiss provides reliable access to a broad portfolio of financial products in Switzerland and continuously develops innovations, such as zero-fee trading. 

Proprietary European broker - highest liquidity

As part of Boerse Stuttgart Group, EUWAX AG ensures reliable and fast order execution with its financial services. Based on decades of experience, the broker reliably provides liquidity in all securities classes and thus ensures the highest price quality for investors. EUWAX AG operates as a liquidity provider on all trading venues of Boerse Stuttgart Group and on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. 

trading platforms

Through its regulated trading platform TradeREBEL, Boerse Stuttgart Group sets standards in zero-fee securities trading in Germany. Banks and brokers can connect to TradeREBEL and give their customers access to the zero-fee platform. With cats, Boerse Stuttgart Group operates a leading OTC trading network with services for fully automated, bilateral trading. More than 60 brokers, order flow providers, issuers and market makers in eight European countries interact through cats. With Easy Euwax, Boerse Stuttgart Group has created an innovative trading segment for structured securities with high trading quality and transparency, without exchange transaction fees.

and data

The commodities business of Boerse Stuttgart Group includes the issuance of exchange-traded commodities such as EUWAX Gold – in cooperation with established partners. In the data business, Boerse Stuttgart Group has a high-performance infrastructure for the global distribution of real-time market data, master data and regulatory data. Via its systems, Boerse Stuttgart Group distributes data packages to institutional customers such as banks, brokers, data providers and financial portals.