Hero Geschichte

History of Boerse Stuttgart Group


Combining tradition and innovation for more than 160 years

11 February 1861

The founding of the "Stuttgarter Börsenverein" marks the birth of Boerse Stuttgart Group.


The first Official List comprises 44 listed securities.


An exchange supervisory authority is established, the exchange meetings get a clear organizational structure.


140 shares and 550 fixed-income securities are listed in Stuttgart.


Electronic data processing is introduced, transactions are now processed electronically.


The introduction of the best-size principle reduces the minimum order size in trading to one security.


The Euwax trading segment is founded.

The launch of the Euwax trading segment for structured securities lays the foundation for Boerse Stuttgart Group's rise to become the leading European exchange group in this asset class.


Boerse Stuttgart Group expands into Europe.

As part of its internationalization strategy, Boerse Stuttgart Group expands and acquires the second largest Swedish exchange, Nordic Growth Market NGM AB (NGM).


The Stuttgart Stock exchange now holds 84 per cent of the broker EUWAX AG.


Boerse Stuttgart Group launches its commodities business and issues the exchange-traded commodity EUWAX Gold.


Boerse Stuttgart Group acquires 90 percent of the off-exchange trading network cats from Citi.


The introduction of its own trading system Xitaro strengthens Boerse Stuttgart Group's strategic independence.


Boerse Stuttgart Group acquires Sowa Labs.

With the acquisition of the fintech Sowa Labs, Boerse Stuttgart Group lays the foundation for the development of its digital and crypto business.


Boerse Stuttgart Group expands into Switzerland.

Boerse Stuttgart Group continues its expansion as a European exchange group and acquires the Swiss exchange BX Swiss.


BISON is launched.

With the launch of the retail broker BISON, Boerse Stuttgart Group is the first traditional exchange group to offer cryptocurrency trading for private clients. In addition, Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange launches as the first regulated trading venue for cryptocurrencies in Germany.


Axel Springer SE and SBI Group become strategic partners of Boerse Stuttgart Group in the digital and crypto business.


EUWAX AG expands its international activities to NGM and the LuxXPrime bond segment of Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


Boerse Stuttgart Group adopts a growth strategy in the capital markets business and in the digital business.

Boerse Stuttgart Group completes its reorganization with the strategic growth areas of capital markets business and digital business and adopts an integrated European growth strategy and a modern governance.


In securities trading, Boerse Stuttgart Group enters the zero-fee segment.

In Switzerland, BX Swiss launches a zero-fee offering, while the regulated zero-fee trading platform TradeREBEL is launched in Germany.


Boerse Stuttgart Group expands its institutional digital and crypto business.

An integrated offering with solutions for brokerage, exchange and custody for institutional players is created.


Tokenized securities are traded on BX Swiss for the first time.

As part of a proof-of-concept by the Capital Markets Technology Association (CMTA), tokenized securities are traded on BX Swiss for the first time, and trades are settled in Swiss francs via a blockchain.


Boerse Stuttgart Group establishes the Easy Euwax segment.

Easy Euwax enables trading in structured securities without exchange fees.


Axel Springer SE and the SBI Group deepen their investment in the entire digital and crypto business.

The digital and crypto business is now bundled under the roof of Boerse Stuttgart Digital.


Boerse Stuttgart Digital Custody receives its licence as a crypto custodian from BaFin.


Boerse Stuttgart Group establishes a strategic partnership with the Swiss financial company Leonteq.

Leonteq acquires a 10 per cent stake in BX Swiss.