Michael Jaeggi

Chief Information Officer

Boerse Stuttgart Group

Michael Jaeggi has been Chief Information Officer of Boerse Stuttgart Group since September 2022. In parallel, Jaeggi is Managing Director at Boerse Stuttgart GmbH.

Michael Jaeggi joined Boerse Stuttgart Group in 2013 and has held various management positions with the Group. In 2015, he was responsible for the implementation of the Xitaro exchange system, which ensured the Group’s independence and long-term competitiveness. In 2017, he was appointed Managing Director at Boerse Stuttgart cats GmbH and Boerse Stuttgart Securities GmbH, the issuer of EUWAX Gold. He was in charge of the introduction of the IT infrastructure for BX Swiss in 2019. Michael Jaeggi has served as Managing Director of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH and member of the Management Board of EUWAX AG since July 2021.

Before his work with Boerse Stuttgart Group, Michael Jaeggi held various C-level positions at Luxembourg-based Clearstream International S.A. From 2008 to 2009 he was chairperson of the Board of Directors of Deutsche Börse Commodities GmbH. His previous roles have included positions at Virt-x Plc in London, Eurex, and the Vontobel Group in Zurich and Salzburg.

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